Q. Do you keep a record or mold of my fingerprint?
A. No, for each casting we need a wax impression. If you want cufflinks and have one child then we would need two separate impressions. Upon request however, and based on your needs, we can make a mold, see below.

Q. I want Loveprints of my mom to give to her children and her grandchildren; I need several pieces so we can all have a keepsake. Do I have to make 6 separate impressions?
A. In this case we would make a mold so that we can make several charms and this mold would be stored and filed so that you may continue to order Loveprint of this particular person in the future.

Q. My parents are elderly and I want to have a keepsake of them to hand down to the younger generations.
A. Many people have taken the impressions of those dear to them and given the charms as keepsakes to the children and grandchildren, etc. In this case we would make a mold of the impression.

Q. I really want a Loveprint of my daughter but I am hesitating to order the kit because I am so inartistic and afraid I won’t be able to do it!
A. Don’t worry, the instructions are well written with photos and many people have successfully done their prints using the kit! You can call us and we would be happy to help you in any way.

Q. How long does it take?
A. From the time we receive your impressions it typically takes 3-4 weeks for you to receive it. If you need it rushed please let us know and we will do our best to have your Loveprint to you as soon as possible.

Q. What does “studio sales only” mean?
A. “Studio sales only” means that the wax either has to be cut into a special shape or the prints have to be done in such a way that for best results a Loveprint representative should be available to do the impressions. Usually this means that you would visit our Jersey City, NJ retail location or attend one of our in-store trunk show events.