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What you need to know when ordering your Loveprint To Go Kit
loveprint_togoboxTo create your unique, one of a kind Loveprint piece of jewelry you need to order the Loveprint To Go Kit. The kit will arrive with instructions, order form and two wax balls per individual being printed. Please refer to the website for style numbers, description and pricing when filling out your order form.The purchase price of the kit is $50 which is a ‘down payment’ on your order. There will be a $50 deduction on your order form. Kits are non refundable but your kit never expires and you never ‘lose’ your $50 payment.Once you have made your wax impressions please return with your order form along with your payment and we will get started making your Loveprint!For final payment all major credit cards and personal checks are accepted.It takes 3-4 weeks to create your Loveprint from the time we receive your waxes. If you need it sooner please indicate this on your order form and we will do our best to ‘rush’ it to you within 2 weeks .

How many Loveprint To Go Kits would you like to purchase? One kit can hold up to six waxes (two wax impressions per individual, we will choose the best impression) so if you are imprinting more than three individuals you must order a second kit..
How many people will you be taking impressions of?
Is this for a:
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Baby Gift for a:


How many Loveprint Paw kits would you like to purchase?One kit can be purchased for each pet.

What type of pet are you purchasing for?
If you have chosen a dog, what size is the dog?
How did you find out about Loveprint?

 Would you like to purchase a Gift Certificate?
If you would like to give Loveprint as a gift and want to purchase a gift certificate please call (201) 280-2215 or email Camille at

To order by phone, call (201) 280-2215 or E-mail us at: